Branch Secretary (in conjunction with branch committee) to arrange:

Not later than 18 months before.
  • Choose a venue and book hall(s) and church.
  • Appoint a catering organiser for lunch (or tea).

Venue must have reasonable parking. Hall(s) to accommodate approx. 100 for lunch (or tea) and 120 for meeting. Church needs to accommodate approx. 100. To also organise tea and biscuits after meeting if lunch is provided. Vegetarian option should be provided.

Not later than 1 year before.
  • Arrange a preacher.
  • Invite the Mayor or other civic leader and incumbent.
  • Produce draft timetable for the day – timing and price of lunch (or tea), service and meeting times.

Price should aim to cover cost of lunch (or tea) only – other costs (such as hall hire, organist etc.) will be met by the Guild (keep invoices for Guild Treasurer). 18 year olds and under should be offered a reduced rate for lunch (or tea).

Not later than 4 months before.
  • Plan routes for morning ringing and confirm with towers in writing.
  • Arrange for someone to be in charge at each tower.
  • Confirm invitations to incumbent, preacher, Mayor or other civic leader and spouses.
  • Arrange coverage in local press.
  • Final details of arrangements to Guild General Secretary, including map of town – showing church, hall and parking, and giving the last date for sale of lunch (or tea) tickets (usually ten days beforehand).

Ringers are expected to leave a donation at each tower. For towers outside the Guild, they should be expressly reminded to do so in the notice. The person in charge should ensure that the tower donations box is prominently displayed and that the bells are lowered after ringing.

Not later than 1 month before.
  • Confirm service arrangements with incumbent – form of service from Guild Service book, hymns, psalms, readers, handbells, collection (collectors and who for – church/LEBRF), organist [and choir].
  • Arrange evening ringing – at least one tower on each route.
Not later that 1 week before.
  • Produce service sheets to accompany Guild service books.
  • Confirm morning and evening ringing arrangements by phone.
Festival day.
  • Oversee setting up of hall – table for raffle and bookstall.
  • Set top table with place settings.
  • Reserve places for VIPs in church.
  • Pay organist
  • Oversee arrangement of hall for meeting – top table on stage.
  • Confirm timings with evening towers once meeting has ended.
After Festival
  • Raffle takings (and any proportion of service collection as agreed) to LEBRF.
  • Provide sketch of church to Guild Report editor.


Guild Officers:

  • Arrange and conduct service touch.
  • Escort clergy and spouse between hall and church and chair meeting.
President (assisted by branch chairman)Welcome, escort Mayor or other civic leader and spouse between hall and church and introduce him or her before making speech.
General Secretary
  • Circulate notice and place details in The Ringing World.
  • Provide Guild service books, flip chart for elections, list of members who have died in previous year.
Assistant General Secretary
  • Sell lunch (or tea) tickets and check tickets at the door.
  • Take minutes of meeting.
Publicity OfficerSend a report to The Ringing World.