If you are holding a tower open day or putting on a display about ringing at some other event, the following materials may be useful to you:

Slides (A3 size)  –  CDs  –  DVDs  –  Computer programs  –  Leaflets  –  Equipment

The Guild Simulator may also be useful to you, which is described on it’s own page.


Blank display boards are available to display any of the slides listed below alongside your local information.

All slides are A3 size and laminated.

1. A selection of sixteen slides from the Central Council slideshow Bells and Bell Ringing plus three slides with commentary (full CD, item 16 below).

2. Salisbury Diocesan Guild and Logo.

3. Details of the Guild.

4. The Guild Map.

5. Front pages from two editions of Face to Face from autumn 2006 and 2007.

6. Details of the Central Council.

7. Details on The Ringing World (three slides).

8. Sample extract from the Peal Reports pages of The Ringing World.

9. Why Bell Ringing? – Reasons to take up ringing.

10. Bell Ringing – the ultimate team activity – Central Council leaflet in A3 (two slides) (leaflets, item 19 below).

11. Ring the Changes – Bell ringing: a great tradition – Central Council poster (two identical slides).

12. The Craft of Bell Ringing – poster advertising the DVD (item 14 below).

13. The Ring Leaders – article from Country Living Magazine (January 2008) on ringing in the Derbyshire village of Darley Dale (three slides).


You will need your own laptop or DVD player and TV to make use of these.

14. The Craft of Bell Ringing – A Film by George Perrin (poster, item 12 above).

15. Bell handling – A Tutor’s Companion – Central Council Education Committee.

16. Bells in the City – Ringing the changes for an English Tradition – A short file promoting bell ringing from Worchester cathedral.


You will need your own laptop or CD player and TV to make use of these.

17. Bells and Bell Ringing – A slideshow – Central Council – over 80 slides that can be shown as a PowerPoint presentation with or without commentary. (The selection of slides, item 1 above, has been taken from this CD).

18. Church Bells of England – audio recordings of England’s most famous peals – includes St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and St Clement Bow.

Computer Programs

These are available for use on the laptop of the Guild Education Officer. He can also provide you with details of how to purchase installation CDs if you want these Programs for permanent use.

19. Virtual Belfry – a computer program featuring English-style church bells viewed from above and animated using hundreds of photographs. The eight bells featured in the program ring methods and more under your command, producing perfect striking and visual realism for demonstrating the art of change ringing to others.

20. Abel Ringing Simulator – the best selling change ringing simulator for home and tower use.

Leaflets for distribution

21. Bell Ringing – the ultimate team activity – become a bell ringer – Central Council (posters, item 10 above).


22. Flip Chart.

23. Screen

All this material is available from the Guild Training Officer for use and safe return for the use of others.

Date: as at 9 January 2010.