Face to Face is the official newsletter of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers.

First published in 1975, the publication is now produced three times each year, and circulated free to all affiliated towers throughout the Guild, as well as to various other bodies.


  Spring Summer Autumn Winter
2016 Face to Face 146 newsletter-147-web newsletter-148-web
2015 Edition 143 Edition 144 Edition 145
2014 Edition 140 Edition 141 Edition 142
2013 Edition 136 Edition137 Edition 138 Edition 139
2012 Edition 132 Edition 133 Edition 134 Edition 135
2011 Edition 128 Edition 129 Edition 130 Edition 131
2010 Edition 124 Edition 125 Edition 126 Edition 127
2009 Edition 120 Edition 121 Edition 122 Edition 123
2008 Edition 116 Edition 117 Edition 118 Edition 119
2007 Edition 112 Edition 113 Edition 114 Edition 115
2006 Edition 108 Edition 109 Edition 110 Edition 111
2005 Edition 104 Edition 105 Edition 106 Edition 107
2004   Edition 101 Edition 102 Edition 103


The origins of our Guild newsletter date back to the mid-1970s. The first edition, consisting of three pages, was assembled by John Sankey of the Calne Branch. By the time of the sixth issue (January 1977) the Newsletter was managed by Linda Drew of the Devizes Branch. By now a slight change of format saw a production of, on average, four pages with news from various parts of the Guild.

Under the late Reverend Roger Keeley, the Newsletter appeared in March 1978 with a new title Face to Face which it retains to this day. With considerable editorial skills, Roger produced a regular, newsworthy and interesting publication maintaining an average of seven pages. In this task he was ably assisted by the Reverend Bill Pugh of Stalbridge. At that time the publication appeared three times a year – Spring, Summer and Autumn.

With the sudden death of the Roger Keeley in January 1987, the production of the newsletter was taken up by Ivan Andrews of Bradpole, assisted by Donald Lee of Marlborough (Don continuing to assist through the 90s). In 1992 Face to Face first appeared as a quarterly, 20-page production. In 1997 it was decided to enter copies of Face to Face in The Ringing World Newsletter Competition where the Guild was extremely pleased to attain joint second place.

In 2000 the Newsletter first appeared with a front cover illustration and a year later each edition appeared with a different coloured cover. In 2004 the Guild purchased a computer together with all ancillaries. As a result Face to Face appeared with photographs, illustrations and was compiled with most news and correspondence transmitted by e-mail.

Ivan stood down as Editor after 25 years in 2012 and was succeeded by Michael Bailey who continued to produce a high quality and much appreciated newsletter, helping to bring together our large Guild. Face to Face is now produced three times a year and back copies are posted on the Guild website. It is distributed electronically as well as in hard copy to all towers.

Based an article written by Neil Skelton as Master (Newsletter 42, September 1988) and from the booklet ‘SDGR 1982-2007’ written by Ivan Andrews.