This catalogue lists the entire contents of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers’ Library. (The reference numbers in earlier lists may not correspond exactly with this latest version.)

As we do not hold a large stock, and for simplicity, items have been arranged under a limited number of headings for easy reference, together with a different number for every item listed. Over 20 Items have been donated and added to this catalogue since the previous listing of two years before, so grateful thanks are extended to those who have added to the Library over this period.

All books and records, except for certain fragile publications (which are shown as such in the catalogue), are available for borrowing by Guild members. Applications should be made direct to me at the address below. Postage (where necessary) must be paid by those borrowing items and two months is the maximum lending period allowed. Fragile items (and in fact any items in the Library) are, of course, available for reference but on a pre-arranged and suitable day and time. On no account should borrowers of books attempt to repair them in the event that pages and covers become loose or detached. Loose pages should simply be tucked back inside the book to which they belong.

Contributions of suitable books and records old and new are always welcome. Also donations or book vouchers, possibly in memory of a past ringer, again will be gratefully received. Such will automatically become the property of the Guild. Any books given to the Library will be inscribed with the name of the donor and/or name of the person to be remembered.

Library catalogue summary:

The catalogue by default lists books in order of the sections as follows.

1ABAbout Bells – Founding, Tuning etc
2BBBooks on Bells
3HBHistory of Bells / Ringing
4BOBells of …
5CRChange Ringing – Instruction, Methods and Compositions
6CCCentral Council Publications
8MTMiscellaneous Titles including Ringing Worlds
9MSMiscellaneous Items including Guild Reports

Please note: many of the newer publications, particularly the Central Council collection, can be purchased from the Guild bookstall.

Anne Willis, Guild Librarian.

The Library holds spare copies of Guild Reports for most years from 1947 – these are surplus to requirements and are available to any Guild member who might wish to complete his/her own collection.

THE RINGING WORLD – Copies held in the Library. Complete volumes 1944, 1947-1954, 1956-2009. (Plus misc copies of various RWs.)

If there are any members who still possess older volumes of The Ringing World and would be prepared to donate the required “missing” copies to the Library I shall be pleased to hear from them.

The Guild Minutes Books covering 1883-1900 and 1900-1933 were deposited in the Wiltshire Record Office in the 1980s.

The Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office at Bythesea Road, Trowbridge holds a selection of records for those Branches of the Guild in Wiltshire. The Access Number is 2296 and the selection includes:

  • Guild Minute Books from 1883-1975.
  • Peal Records from 1886-1986.
  • Some Annual Reports.
  • Calne Branch Records from 1921-1972.
  • Devizes Branch Records from 1903-1984.
  • Marlborough Branch Records from 1911-1980.
  • Salisbury Branch Records from 1901-1986.

In addition, there are copies of local newspapers including:

  • The Trowbridge Advertiser.
  • The Wiltshire Times.
  • The Devizes Gazette (which, if you are prepared to work through them,) often give accounts of ringing events.

The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society has a Library at Devizes Museum. Here there is a catalogue for the Society’s magazine, and for Wiltshire Cuttings. There may not be any matters relating to the Guild in either of these, but there are some most interesting items about many bells and towers in Wiltshire.

Newsletter, Winter 2005: The following documents are now in the care of the Dorset History Centre (formerly the Country Records Office) while remaining the property of the East Dorset Branch.

  1. Minute Book 1 (15 April 1950 – 23 January 1965).
  2. Minute Book 2 (1 May 1965 – 20 April 1974).
  3. Minute Book 3 (13 July – 8 January 1983).
  4. Minute Book 4 (9 April 1983 – 18 April 1998).
  5. Minutes Folder (Loose leaf minutes from 11 July 1998 – 9 October 2004).
  6. Cash Book (4 January 1986 – 13 October 2001).
  7. Attendance Book (4 January 1986 – 13 October 2001).
  8. Scrap Book (1982 – 1994).

The reference number for this material is D.1967. The Dorset History Centre is in Bridport Road, Dorchester, quite close to the Castle. It has a friendly atmosphere and can be contacted at 01305-250550.

The under mentioned (late) North Dorset Branch Records have been deposited in Dorset Records Office, Dorchester:

  • Minutes: 1924-1955, 1956-1970, 1971-1981, 1981-1994, 1994-2000.
  • Attendance Books: 1932-1972, 1972-2001.
  • Committee Books: 1962-1997, 1997-2000.
  • File: 1999-2001 – Secretarial Reports 1992-1999 and dissolved Branch Minutes and miscellaneous papers.

A completed Minutes Book belonging to the Marlborough Branch handed to the Library for safe keeping in 2008 was returned (upon request) to the Marlborough Branch Secretary on the 28th February 2009.