Patron The Lord Bishop of Salisbury
Vice-Patrons The Bishop of Ramsbury The Archdeacon of Dorset
The Bishop of Sherborne The Archdeacon of Sherborne
Very Rev The Dean of Salisbury The Archdeacon of Wiltshire
The Archdeacon of Sarum
President Judith Williamson
Vice-Presidents Eric J Hitchins Ivan L Andrews
Neil O Skelton Martin G Moyes
Frederick S Slatford Miss Susan E Smith
Ross G W Robertson Anthony C D Lovell-Wood
Robert J Purnell David W Hacker
Mrs Christine Purnell Ian Mozley
Robert Wellen Thomas R Garrett
Master Robert Wellen
Hon General Secretary Anthony C D Lovell-Wood
Hon Assistant General Secretary Ruth Plumridge
Treasurer Pat Davidson
Education Officer David Hacker
Safeguarding Officer Anthony C D Lovell-Wood
Health and Safety Officer David Close
LEBRF Administrator Jo Barter
LEBRF Trustee from Guild Anthony C D Lovell-Wood
LEBRF Independant Examiner Christopher Sykes
Face to Face Editor Robert Wellen (Acting Editor)
Peal Secretary David Warwick
Publicity Officer Robert Wellen
Report Editor Julian Newman
Guild Librarian Anne Willis
Hon Financial Examiner Harry Brockway
Central Council Representatives A J Howes, A C D Lovell-Wood, J Newman, Julian Hemper, T Garrett
Inspector of Belfries Applications for assistance should be made to the General Secretary.
Diocesan Advisory Committee Consultant R J Purnell
Web Group Ian Mozley (Webmaster) – technical Robert Wellen (Publicity Officer) – content