The Guild has now purchased a Saxilby Ringing Simulator and Wombel Frame for Guild members to use. This will be stored in Melksham. If you would like to use this for recruitment and/or training you are advised to visit the Saxsim web site first and then make contact with the Guild Training Officer.

simunit (Details courtesy of the Saxilby Simulator web site)

Church bell ringing simulators have been around for a long time now and their use as an important training tool is widely accepted. Besides being great fun, time spent ringing on a simulator greatly aids the development of listening skills.

The design of this piece of equipment has been developed and refined over several years and can be regarded as optimal in many ways:

Appearance: The simulator is finished to a very high standard of workmanship. The simulator comes complete with a top quality 24″ sally bell rope developed specifically for this application.

Weight: The simulator is heavy enough to feel extremely realistic, but light enough to be mounted in a normal domestic roof space.

Size: The simulator is not so small as to seem unrelated to a small tower bell, but not so large as to present a problem finding a place to install it.

Portability: The simulator can be easily dismantled and transported in a hatchback car.

Technical: A tool kit is provided with each simulator.

Installation: The simulator generates very modest forces during use and mounting it across two joists or roof trusses has been found to be quite adequate. The simulator can also be set up using the wombel frame (see below).

Set up: The simulator is fully ready for plugging straight into a suitable PC or laptop running ABEL or BELTOWER and comes complete with a strike-point sensor, 5 metres of cable and a 9-pin serial port connector.

Ease of use: Ringers of all skill levels find this equipment extremely easy to use. A person who has never touched a bell rope before can often ring unaided in less than 5 minutes.

Safety: The simulator is of robust construction and will not break under normal usage. The novel stay/ slider arrangement is both silent and virtually frictionless in operation, while making it impossible for the bell to “go over the top”. A spare dowel and strap is supplied with each unit.

Summary: The size of the Saxilby Simulator has been optimised to allow proper, two-handed ringing with a proper, high quality bell rope, while maintaining an acceptable level of portability. This realistic and robust construction makes it an ideal tool for introducing the concept of bell ringing to a wider audience.

The Wombel Frame

laststandThe Wombel was designed as a high quality, portable, light-weight framework which can be easily carried around on car roof bars and, together with a Saxilby Simulator unit, taken to schools and fairs in order to raise the profile of ringing by allowing an initial hands-on experience.The attention to detail in the Wombel’s design and construction is immediately evident. The main wheel unit fits snugly into an estate car and the three large sections of support framework, together with four long bracing struts, are easily lifted on to a roof rack. The small top platform, a pair of bell-shaped weights, two computer shelves and a box of fittings complete the load.