About BellsThe Craft of the FounderGeorge Elphick
About BellsBells and BellfoundingX.Y.Z. Bristol
About BellsEnglish Bells and their TuningE.A. Young
About BellsThe Whitechapel Bell Foundry
About BellsAbout Bells and BellringingR.H. Jones
About BellsThe Taylor Bell Foundry
Books on BellsRing Out – A Book on BellsJane Yolen
Books on BellsThe First Book of BellsHelen J. Fletcher
Books on BellsA Book About BellsG.S. Tyack
Books on BellsChurch BellsMears & Stainbank
Books on BellsBells of All NationsE. Morris
Books on BellsBells in our LivesMary Crocket
Books on BellsBells and BellringingJohn Camp
Books on BellsBells in EnglandJohn Ingram
Books on BellsThe Sound of BellsE.C. Shepherd
Books on BellsTintinnabulaE. Morris
Books on BellsBells Old and NewCyril F. Johnston
Books on BellsBells and BellringersBenjamin Lomax1879
Books on BellsBelfries and RingersH.T. Ellacombe1871
Books on BellsBells Through the AgesJ.R. Nichols
Books on BellsTowers and Bells of BritainErnest Morris
Books on BellsOranges and LemonsGladys Taylor
Books on BellsChurch BellsWm C. Lukis An account of 1857
Books on BellsLegends of the BellsErnest Morris
Books on BellsRinging PealsGillett & JohnstonEst. 1844
History of Bells/RingingHistory and Art of Change RingingE. Morris
History of Bells/RingingChange Ringing, History English Art (Vol 1)J.C. Eisel &C.A. Wratten
History of Bells/RingingChange Ringing, History English Art (Vol 2)J.C. Eisel & C.A. Wratten
History of Bells/RingingA Great Adventure (Australian Tour)J.S. Goldsmith & W.H. Fussell
History of Bells/RingingThe CarillonF.P. Price
History of Bells/RingingThe History of Bere Regis Church/BellsJohn England
History of Bells/RingingHistory of Society of College YouthsWm. T. Cook
History of Bells/RingingMaster of My Art (Taylor's)Trevor S. Jennings
Bells of ...Church Bells of BritainR.H. Dove1988
Bells of ...Church Bells of BritainR.H. Dove1956
Bells of ...Church Bells of BritainR.H. Dove1950
Bells of ...Church Bells of BritainR.H. Dove1962
Bells of ...Church Bells of BritainR.H. Dove2000
Bells of ...An Atlas of BellsR. Johnston & Helen Taylor
Bells of ...Church Bells of WiltshireH.B. Walters
Bells of ...Church Bells - Guernsey, Alderney, SarkF. Sharpe
Bells of ...Church Bells of BerkshireF. Sharpe
Bells of ...Bells of Hereford CathedralJ.C. Eisel
Bells of ...Church Bells of RadnorshireF. Sharpe
Bells of ...Bells of Chester CathedralArthur Whiting
Bells of ...Blackburn Cathedral BellsG. Wignal (Kay, Duerden Davies)
Bells of ...Bells of Exeter CathedralJ.G.M. Scott
Bells of ...Bells of Carlisle CathedralMarch 1978
Bells of ...York Minster – Bells and BellringersHarold Walker
Bells of ...Bell Cage and Bells, East Bergholt
Bells of ...Bells on the East Cliff (Whitby)Mark T. Edwards
Bells of ...Bells and Clock, Fontmell MagnaFrank Hewkin
Bells of ...Bells and Ringers, WarehamC.T. Brown & June M. Brown
Bells of ...St Michael's, Aldbourne, WiltsAllan J. Keen
Bells of ...Bradpole Bells – History and RestorationIvan L. Andrews
Bells of ...The Bells of St. Paul'sWilliam T. Cook
Bells of ...Church Bells of CornwallA.C. Cannon
Bells of ...Bells of Peterborough CathedralMichael Lee
Bells of ...The Bells of Corfe CastleDr. C.T. Brown
Bells of ...Ringing the Changes (Bells, Ringers, Hackney)
Bells of ...Change Ringing in Essex (Bells and Ringers)
Bells of ...Bells of Worth Matravers1998
Bells of ...Church Bells of DorsetCanon Raven1906 Copies from Gen Sec.
Bells of ...Lord GrimthorpePeter Ferriday1816-1905
Bells of ...An Account of Dorset BellsH.B. Walters, OBE, MA, FSA.
Bells of ...Bells and Belfries of Dorset (Part 1)Christopher Dalton
Bells of ...Bells and Belfries of Dorset (Part 2)Christopher Dalton
Bells of ...Bells and Belfries of Dorset (Part 3)Christopher Dalton
Bells of ...Church Bells and Ringers of NorwichA.C.G. Thurlow
Bells of ...Church Bells of HerefordshireFrederick Sharpe
Bells of ...The Avebury BellsMargaret Sellers
Bells of ...The Bells and Ringers of York MinsterDavid E. Potter
Bells of ...The Bells and Ringers, BromhamDennis Powney
Bells of ...Heard But Not Seen (Bradford-On-Avon)Anne Willis
Bells of ...Upwey Bellringers 1982-2002Philip H. Tocock
Bells of ...Bells – St John's, BournemouthPatrick Matthews
Bells of ...Bells and Bellringers, York MinsterDavid PotterIncludes DVD
Bells of ...Scottish Rings of BellsRonald W.M. Clouston
Bells of ...Bells of St. Clement DanesDonated by Mrs. Anne Willis
Change RingingCampanalogiaWilliam Shipway1816
Change RingingCampanalogia Improved1764Corrected by F. Monk
Change RingingNew CampanalogiaW. Jones, J. Reeves, T. Blakemore
Change RingingChange RingingC.A.W. Troyte18722nd edition
Change RingingChange RingingWilfrid G. Wilson
Change RingingTouches of TriplesE.C. Shepherd
Change RingingThe Duffield MethodA.P. Heywood
Change RingingQuarter Peal Triples CompositionsM.J. Hiller
Change RingingStandard MethodsJasper Snowdon
Change RingingStandard MethodsJasper Snowdon1881
Change RingingStandard MethodsJasper Snowdon1933
Change RingingStandard MethodsJasper Snowdon1935
Change RingingStandard MethodsJasper Snowdon1940
Change RingingStandard Methods/DiagramsJasper Snowdon1920
Change RingingDiagramsJasper Snowdon
Change RingingRopesightJasper Snowdon1975
Change RingingRopesightJasper Snowdon1987
Change RingingRopesightJasper Snowdon1944
Change RingingGrandsdireJasper Snowdon1905
Change RingingStandard MethodsJ. Armiger TrollopeLetterpress
Change RingingGrandsireJ. Armiger Trollope1948
Change RingingThe Ringers' HandbookE.S. & M. Powell
Change RingingCambridge to MaximusWilliam A. Cave
Change RingingCambridge Minor and Major
Change RingingSurprise MethodsC.D.P. Davies1927
Change RingingMethod StructureAlbert York-Bramble
Change RingingRinging Grandsire DoublesCharles Shearn
Change RingingCampanologiaW.T. Cook17333rd edition (facsimile)
Change RingingA.J. Corrigan's Surprise MethodsJ.C. Eisel
Change RingingChange RingingWoolmore Wigram18802nd edition
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Change RingingChange RingingCharles A.W. Troyte18691st edition
Change RingingDoubles Methods and VariationsM.J. Hiller
Change RingingVillage Bells (Doubles and Minor Methods)
Change RingingA Minimus HandbookR.G.W. Robertson
Change RingingMinor CuriositiesJonathan Deane
Change RingingRinging a BellHy. J. Sanger1958
Change RingingDouble Norwich Court Bob CatersEdgar C. Shepherd
Change RingingVillage Bells – Rules And DiagramsRev. R. Howes
Change RingingArt and Science – Change RingingWm Bannister3rd edition
Change RingingElementary Change RingingF.F. Rigby
Change RingingCriblines 1 (Surprise Minor)D.J. Marshall, A.M. Popplewell
Change RingingCriblines 2 (Surprise Major)D.J. Marshall, A.M. Popplewell
Change RingingBellringingJohn Camp
Change RingingBellringingRon Johnston
Change RingingHandbook of Grandsire CatersE.C. Shepherd
Change Ringing370 Surprise Major Methods (Part C)Andrew J. Corrigan1948
Change RingingThe Bellringer's Bedside CompanionSteve Coleman
Change RingingThe Bob Caller's CompanionSteve Coleman
Change RingingThe Method Ringer's CompanionSteve Coleman
Change RingingThe Bellringer's Early CompanionSteve Coleman
Change RingingSherbourne Teaching AidsPam CopsonNumbers 3, 4 and 5.
Change RingingComposition 500J. Longridge
Change RingingComposition 501J. Longridge
Change RingingComposition 502J. Longridge
Change RingingTreble Bob Major VariationsJ. Longridge
Change RingingStandard 70J. Longridge
Change RingingConducting and Coursing OrderJ. Longridge
Change RingingMethod 300J. Longridge & I. Campbell
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Legitimate Methods1907
Central Council PublicationsBob Minor And Major
Central Council PublicationsA Glossary of Technical Terms1901
Central Council PublicationsRules and Decisions of the Central Council1927
Central Council PublicationsPreservation and Repair of Bells, Frames and Fittings1930
Central Council PublicationsHints for Instructors and Beginners1933
Central Council PublicationsGrandsire Doubles and Triples
Central Council PublicationsDoubles Collection
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Principles
Central Council PublicationsTriples and Major for Beginners
Central Council PublicationsPlace Notation
Central Council PublicationsTutor's Handbook
Central Council PublicationsTowards Better Striking
Central Council PublicationsTeaching from Rounds to Bob Doubles
Central Council PublicationsBeginner's Handbook
Central Council PublicationsTower Captain's Handbook
Central Council PublicationsConducting for Beginners
Central Council PublicationsPlain Methods
Central Council PublicationsDoubles and Minor for Beginners
Central Council PublicationsTowers and Bells Handbook
Central Council PublicationsCentral Council Handbook1956, 1966
Central Council PublicationsModel Code of Rules
Central Council PublicationsThe Bell Adviser
Central Council PublicationsMaintenance Handbook
Central Council PublicationsA Schedule of Regular Maintenance
Central Council PublicationsInstallation, Preservation and Repair of Bells19483rd edition
Central Council PublicationsInstallation, Preservation and Repair of Bells1962
Central Council PublicationsCentral Council Survey1972
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Plain Minor MethodsIncludes 1 of 1961 and 1 of 1969.
Central Council PublicationsOrganising A Bell Restoration Project
Central Council PublicationsWill You Call A Touch Please, Bob?
Central Council PublicationsMinor Methods
Central Council PublicationsEasily Remembered Touches
Central Council PublicationsRaising and Lowering in Peal
Central Council PublicationsSpliced Minor Collection
Central Council PublicationsRinging Skills
Central Council PublicationsStriking the Right Note (A Guide To Public Relations)
Central Council PublicationsThe “Standard Eight” Surprise Major Methods
Central Council PublicationsBeginner's Guide to Ringing Handbells
Central Council PublicationsChange Ringing on Handbells
Central Council PublicationsLibrary Catalogue1979Part 1, printed books
Central Council PublicationsLibrary Catalogue1979Part 1, printed books, corrections/additions to end of 1984.
Central Council PublicationsLibrary Catalogue1983Part 2, manuscripts, non-book materials/annual reports.
Central Council PublicationsMysteries Unveiled
Central Council PublicationsLaws Affecting Church Bells1931
Central Council PublicationsHandbook1956
Central Council PublicationsChange Ringing on Handbells1959
Central Council PublicationsOn ConductingWilfrid G. Wilson2 of 1954 and 1 of 1960.
Central Council PublicationsStedman Caters and Stedman Cinques1961
Central Council PublicationsRinging for Service1961
Central Council PublicationsSurprise Methods in Place Notation1964
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Popular Major Methods Compositions1966
Central Council PublicationsA Tutor's Handbook (Part 1)1969
Central Council PublicationsA Tutor's Handbook (Part 2)1969
Central Council PublicationsAn Elementary Handbook, Beginners in Art of Change Ringing2 of 1959 and 1 of 1976.
Central Council PublicationsTower Changes (Guidelines, Work on Bells and Bell Equipment)
Central Council PublicationsStarting a New Band
Central Council PublicationsBell Restoration Funds
Central Council PublicationsBelfry Offices
Central Council PublicationsBells in Your Care (Some Notes for Ordinands)
Central Council PublicationsRinging Circles (A Guide to Learning Methods)
Central Council PublicationsCentral Council Library Catalogue2002
Central Council PublicationsKaleidoscope RingingGordon I. Lucas
Central Council PublicationsConducting Stedman TriplesWilfrid F. Moreton
Central Council PublicationsHistory of an English Art (Part 1)J. Sanderson
Central Council PublicationsHistory of an English Art (Part 2)J. Sanderson
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Doubles MethodsK.W.H. Felstead2nd edition
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Doubles and Minor Methods
Central Council PublicationsCollection of Peals (Section 3)1908
Central Council PublicationsMajor Methods1950
Central Council PublicationsMajor Methods1952
HandbellsThe Art of Handbell RingingNancy Poore Tufts
HandbellsThe ABC of Musical Handbell RingingS.B. Goslin
HandbellsMusic for Handbells and Church BellsArranged A.J. Crabtree See also CC39, 40, 47.
HandbellsA Basic Approach to Handbell RingingJ.V. Salzwedel
HandbellsTeaching from Rounds to Bob DoublesPhilip Bedford
HandbellsCarol Ringing and MoreArranged Donald A & Philip Bedford
HandbellsThe Nazeing Collection for 12 HandbellsArranged Jimmie James
HandbellsMusic for Handbells (A10) 1-1/2 OctavesRingers of GB. DA/P Bedford
HandbellsMusic for Handbells (A11N) 1-1/2 OctavesRingers of GB. DA/P Bedford
Miscellaneous TitlesBradpole (Parish and Church History)I.L. Andrews
Miscellaneous TitlesA Short History of Wimborne BranchJudith A. Robertson
Miscellaneous TitlesA History of York MinsterG.E. Aylmer & Reginald Cant
Miscellaneous TitlesHeard But Not Seen (West Dorset Br 1910-2010)I.L. Andews
Miscellaneous TitlesKeevil – Village, Church and Bells (Vol 3)The Keevil Society
Miscellaneous TitlesA Book of Keevil (Vol 4)The Keevil Society
Miscellaneous TitlesSteeple Ashton Church BellsP. C. Yerberg
Miscellaneous TitlesThe Ringing World of PHTPhilip H. Tocock
Miscellaneous TitlesMy MemoriesR.E. Dorey, Kingston
Miscellaneous TitlesA Century of ChangesRevd R. Keeley
Miscellaneous TitlesGuide to London TowersLondon County Association
Miscellaneous TitlesGiants of the ExerciseDr. John C. Eisel, FSA
Miscellaneous TitlesFundamental Ringing TermsGordon W. Rendell
Miscellaneous TitlesCentenary History of Central CouncilWm. T. Cook
Miscellaneous TitlesSDGR 125th Anniversary (1982-2007)I.L. Andrews
Miscellaneous TitlesParish and People of North BradleyJoyce LanfearDonated by Phil Lucas.
Miscellaneous Titles100 Years of Bath and Wells Dio AssnMichael Horseman
Miscellaneous TitlesParish Churches Before the ReformationMackenzie E.C. Walcot, BD, FSA
Miscellaneous Titles“The Bells Are Ringing” (Melbourne, Australia)Donated by Phil Lucas.
Miscellaneous TitlesBell Books (Collection Book Titles Bells and Ringing)J. Butler
Miscellaneous TitlesChurch Bells and their HangingsA.P. Nicholson
Miscellaneous TitlesThe Tower Captain and TrainingSussex County Asscn
Miscellaneous TitlesA Manual for RingersS.P.C.K.c1913-1919
Miscellaneous TitlesExpo Belfry1973Visitors' book
Miscellaneous TitlesA Bellringer's Book of Brain BendersAngela Newing
Miscellaneous TitlesMore Brain Benders for BellringersAngels Newing
Miscellaneous TitlesCome Ring With Me and LaughYvonne HallCartoons
Miscellaneous TitlesLearning the RopesCartoons
Miscellaneous TitlesCollection of Ringers' HymnsI.L. Andrews
Miscellaneous TitlesHymns – Essex Asscn of Change Ringers
Miscellaneous TitlesA Touch of RingersD. & B. Martin
Miscellaneous TitlesChurch Bells and the Art of Ringing (Ms)Poem
Miscellaneous TitlesAn Account of Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Miscellaneous TitlesBellringer and Senior BellringerEx Richard Arnold
Miscellaneous TitlesRules/DiagramsLancashire Asscn Change Ringers1928 and 1937
Miscellaneous TitlesThe Ringing WorldMarch 1911Reprint. Issued with Diamond Jubilee RW 1971.
Miscellaneous TitlesThe Society of Royal Cumberland Youths1979Rules
Miscellaneous TitlesSarum Directory1953
Miscellaneous Titles27th Newsletter – Friends of C.C. Library
Miscellaneous TitlesA Survey of Turret Clocks – Salisbury Area
Miscellaneous TitlesBedfordshire Asscn Annual Report1962-63
Miscellaneous TitlesDevonshire Guild Report1947
Miscellaneous TitlesLancashire Association Report1997
Miscellaneous TitlesPeterborough Reports1943, 1950-53, 1956-57, 1960-61
Miscellaneous TitlesWinchester and Portsmouth Reports1979, 1980
Miscellaneous TitlesHistorical Outline of SDGR1882-1932
Miscellaneous TitlesHistorical Outline of SDGR1932-1962
Miscellaneous TitlesHistorical Outline of SDGR1962-1972
Miscellaneous TitlesQuarter Peal Reports1990, 1991 & 1992
Miscellaneous TitlesSDGR Second Annual Report1884Photostat
Miscellaneous TitlesThe Heart of a Village – AldbourneIda Gandy
Miscellaneous ItemsRecords of BellringingMrs. Steve Longridge33-1/3 RPM (4), 45 RPM (2)
Miscellaneous ItemsRinging, St. Mary RedcliffeRecord (Saydisc)
Miscellaneous ItemsUpwey BellsP.H. TocockTape recording
Miscellaneous ItemsListen To RingingCentral CouncilSet of 2 tapes
Miscellaneous ItemsA Ring RestoredFilm strip (2) and mounted slides.
Miscellaneous ItemsCorfe Mullen BellsOpen reel tape
Miscellaneous ItemsSelection of Tapes of Bells (22)Donated by Mr. F. Fowler, Mere
Miscellaneous ItemsA Tutor's CompanionCentral CouncilVideo
Miscellaneous ItemsChurch Bell RestorationCentral CouncilVideo
Miscellaneous ItemsSt. Mary's, Sturminster NewtonJ. EckardtVideo
Miscellaneous ItemsAnyone Can Be a RingerKent County AssnVideo
Miscellaneous ItemsThe Tisbury Bells1989Video
Miscellaneous ItemsNorth Bradley RestorationFred SlatfordDVD
Miscellaneous ItemsThe Craft of BellringingGeorge PerrinDVD
Miscellaneous ItemsBell News (1881-1915)Central CouncilDVD
Miscellaneous ItemsBellhandlingCentral CouncilCD
Miscellaneous ItemsThe Ringing World 1911-1940DVDs donated by SDGR in memory of two late Vice-Presidents, Rev Longridge/P.H. Tocock.
Miscellaneous ItemsSDGR SurveysJudith A. Robertson.1972 (2), & partial (1974)
Miscellaneous ItemsRinging TowersShirley Rymer1963-1976Various Magazines
Miscellaneous ItemsRinging TowersRoss RobertsonVols 2004/5
Miscellaneous ItemsCompton Abbas Log Book1968-1984Donated by Mrs. Stella Strawbridge in memory of her husband David J. Strawbridge.