The Guild holds two insurance policies for its members. The following notes are a guide only.

The Guild holds a combined policy with EIG with cover for:

  • Property damage which includes such items as the Master’s and President’s Badge, The Centenary Trophy, IT and training equipment and the Library of books.
  • Liabilities: Public Liability for the sum of £2m and Products Liability for the sum of £2m.
  • Personal Accident – this covers the named Belfry Inspectors only, currently five, as appointed by the executive.

N.B. This policy only covers those activities undertaken on behalf of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers.

The Guild holds a Personal Accident policy with cover for all members.

The policy is underwritten by ACE European Group Limited and covers all resident paid up members of the Guild including any probationary member under instruction prior to acceptance for full membership.

Members are covered:

  1. Whilst ringing or teaching in any church or bell tower anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  2. Whilst inspecting or attending to routine maintenance work to the bells in any church or bell tower anywhere in the United Kingdom. (Routine maintenance shall mean any work for which approval in accordance with the Care of Churches measure is not required).
  3. Whilst travelling to or from a church or bell tower to practice or participate in bell ringing within the United Kingdom.
Age Range (years)DeathPermanent Total DisablementPermanent Disabling InjuriesTemporary Total Disablement
16 – 75£20,000£20,000Percentage of £20,000 paid relative to the degree of disablement. For example:
Loss of one or more limb – 100%.
Loss of hearing in both ears – 100%.
Loss of hearing in one ear – 25%.
Loss of or total loss of use of thumb – 30%
£300 per week up to 104 weeks. (Only if in paid employment).
Under 16£20,000Not coveredNot coveredNot covered
Over 75£20,000Not coveredNot coveredNot covered

The above is a summary of the policies held and in any conflict with this summary and the actual policies, the policies will take precedence. Claims and queries concerning the extent of the cover, exclusions or policies should be directed in the first instance to the Guild Treasurer to enable the position to be clarified with the insurers.

Ringers are encouraged to check with their own church policy which should cover them. Most C of E churches in the UK insure with Ecclesiastical, using their standard ‘Parishguard’ policy. You can read more on the Central Council web site.

For any other enquiries please contact the Guild Treasurer.