Over the years we have tried to get photos or pictures of every church in the Guild, however there are still quite a few gaps. If anybody has anything they would like to see published then please send it to the web master. It doesn’t have to be of the church: anything related to the ringers and bells is of interest. (But if there are children in a photo please ensure you have the parents permission).

Videos and sound recordings of the bells are also welcome but please note that due to mailbox restrictions you may have to contact the web master first.

Below is a list of the towers for which we have no pictures. You may notice that this list is a bit longer now! This is because quite a few of the pictures were a bit out date so we had a bit of a spring clean.

Many thanks,
The Website Group

P.S. Some of the photos are taken when en route somewhere and the weather may not have been obliging; please don’t be afraid to send better ones.

CalneCalstone Wellington, St Mary the Virgin
CalneWinterbourne Bassett, St Katherine
West DorsetBeaminster, St Mary of the Annunciation
West DorsetChetnole, St Peter
West DorsetSandford Orcas, St Nicholas