This award was introduced in 2008 as the Most Improved Ringer Award however this was changed in 2016 to the Ringer of the Year Award.

From 2011 we have made two annual awards, one to junior members and one to adult members. Any Guild member is eligible for nomination. For the adult award (over 18 years of age) each Branch is asked to make one nomination only. The award is in the form of a model bell generously donated to the Guild by former President Rosemary Julius.

Suggested criteria for nominations are:

  • A ringer who has recruited / taught a significant number of new ringers for their tower in the year even though he/she might only able to ring rounds and call changes.
  • A ringer who has successfully overcome a disability against all odds.
  • A ringer who whilst not being able to ring methods has enabled others to make progress in method ringing by organising practices with assistance from experienced helpers.
  • A ringer who helps out at a  number of struggling towers enabling progress to be made by the band in striking, call changes or method ringing.
  • A conductor who has called a significant number of quarters in a year for those wishing to ring their first quarter.
  • A ringer who has made significant improvement in the year.

This is not a definitive list and all nominations will be considered.

For the young ringer award (18 years of age and under at 31st December) each branch can make as many nominations as it considers appropriate. Originally the award to young ringers was a six month introductory subscription to The Ringing World however in recent years it has been ringing related books.

Nominations will be sought early in each New Year and the Guild Education Committee will decide both recipients. Both awards will be presented at the Guild Festival in May.

Nomination forms please to the Guild Training Officer.

Winners of the awards are:

2016Chris Jenkins
All Saints, Westbury
Christopher Jenkins

Christopher Jenkins receives his Award of Ringer of the Year 2016 from the Guild President.

Other nominations: Caroline Taylor, Paul Sims, Sue Barrance

Jack Pease
All Saints, Hampreston

Other nominations: Eli Mondal, Ian Daykin

2015Bridget Luke
St. Andrew’s, Heddington
Bridget Luke. Most Improved Adult Ringer 2015.

Bridget Luke. Most Improved Adult Ringer 2015. Presentation by Chris Mew, President of the Central Council.

Other nominations: Diana Dunn, Andy Waring, Marisa Bartlett, Sarah Chard, Louise Gay, June Buffrey

Lewis Hurry
St. Mary of the Annunciation, Beaminster
Lewis Hurry. Most Improved Junior Ringer 2015

Lewis Hurry, Most Improved Junior Ringer 2015. Presentation by Chris Mew, President of the Central Council.

Other nominations: Hannah Simpson, David Snelling, Tom Powell

2014Laura Amor
St. Michael & All Angels, Melksham
Paul Brown
St. John the Baptist, Devizes

Katie Child
St. Cuthberga, Wimborne Minster
(Joint winners)

2013Mark D Symonds
St Candida & Holy Cross, Whitchurch Canonicorum
Lucy Taylor
Holy Trinity, Bradpole
2012Ian Daiziel
St. Michael & All Angels, Shalbourne
Timothy Finn
St. George, Preshute
2011Harry Murley
St Mary of the Annunciation, Beaminster
Jack Pease
All Saints, Hampreston
2010Julian Hemper
St. John the Baptist, Devizes
2009Katherine Clark
St. Mary the Virgin, Swanage
2008Gemma Holt
St. Mary, Collingbourne Kingston