Proposal by Ivan Andrews, May 2016.

Born at Sandford, Ross learnt to ring at nearby Wareham in 1955, having been taught by the then Tower Captain, Dr. Christopher Brown.

Becoming a member of SDGR in 1956, his first quarter peal was rung in 1958 and his first peal two years later in 1960.

Leaving school, and studying Physics in London, he became a member of the London University Ringing Society, making rapid progress in his ringing. Later, Ross was associated with the University Ringing Society, Southampton.

Ross first met his wife to be in Wareham tower when she visited whilst on holiday, and fortuitously they were both students in London at the same time, so continued their friendship there. In 1962 the couple were married, making their home for the next 41 years at Tarrant Keyneston. There a band was taught and the ring of four bells augmented to five. Son Simon and daughter Clare were both taught to ring and continue to ring today.

Over the years Ross has rung peals from Minimus to Cinques, totaling 196 to date, conducting 15. Quarter peals are much preferred, especially Doubles methods, and last August reached his 2,500th quarter, having conducted about 40% of them. Ross can be proud of the fact that he has rung on four Continents.

During the many years that his late wife, Judith, was Guild General Secretary, Ross travelled widely becoming well known in all parts of the Guild. Ross has produced a Booklet entitled A Minimus Handbook which includes 250 methods.

Ross’s service to ringing is much to be admired:

Tower Captain at Wareham.
East Dorset Branch deputy ringing master 1960/1.
Branch Ringing Master from 1962, through the 70s and into the 80s.
Branch Vice Chairman 1983-1986.
Branch Chairman 1987-1993.
Branch Representative and Chairman of the LEBRF Trustees 2008-2013.
Central Council Representative for 18 years, from 1975-1992.
Guild President 2010-2016.

Ross has served in other ways: A chorister and server in his earlier days and an enthusiastic member of the Scouting Movement. Retiring from teaching in 1995 he studied and became a Licensed Reader of the Church of England. He now lives with his wife, Sheila in Shaftesbury and continues, wherever possible to further the work of the Guild.