The following suggestions are made to support and clarify the role of the tower captain. Each tower captain and PCC can adapt them to suit their own circumstances.

  1. There should be a formal link between the tower (ringers) and the PCC (incumbent). Ideally the tower captain should be a co-opted member of the PCC.
  2. The PCC should receive a regular report/update from the tower captain regarding the ringers, the state of the bells and fittings and any issues of concern related to ringing.
  3. The tower captain should receive from the PCC a copy of the current Insurance Policy. He/She should be assured that all elected ringers and learners are covered by the current insurance policy when in the Church tower and that Public Liability cover exists for any tower events which involve the public.
  4. The tower captain should sign the annual return to SDGR to indicate the names of ringers, with ages and confirmation that he/she has seen a copy of the valid Church insurance policy. (The SDGR will be responsible for providing a clear pro-forma for this return).
  5. The tower captain should encourage all ringers in his/her tower to have private insurance cover. Parents of children shopuld also be made aware of the importance of private insurance. (The SDGR should ensure that it has Public it has Public Liability cover for all Guild events).
  6. The tower captain and PCC should ensure that the lower and higher age limit for ringers is clearly known, reviewed annually and complies with any insurance stipulation (perhaps via the report to the PCC).
  7. The tower captain should ensure that a written satement re the Insurance arrangements within tower, is displayed for both ringers and public visitors.
  8. There should be a formal, annual meeting of the ringers, to which either the incumbent or a PCC officer is invited. The meeting should include an item about Insurance Cover on the agenda, so that any update or insurance issue is properly addressed.