There are four major sources of training in our Guild:

  1. Our towers – if you would like to learn to ring, or would like to explore the possibility – you may be  wondering if you are suitable, and what the commitment is – then please contact a tower near you. If you live in Salisbury Diocese the towers map or list should help you find a nearby tower.
  2. Our branches – all of our towers are situated within one of eight branches. As you progress you may like to join in branch activities. It can be very beneficial to your learning to meet ringers from other towers and you can take advantage of training that might not be available in your tower. Each branch has a training officer to help you, who can be contacted from this website:
  3. The Guild arranges further training to supplement the training given in our towers and branches. The Guild has an Education Committee made up of branch representatives and chaired by the Guild Education Officer. If you have any problems or queries about education and training in the Guild please contact the Guild Training Officer who will try to help. Further information about Guild training courses can be obtained here.
  4. Ringing Centres – there are currently three in the Guild; Bradpole, Bryanston and Edington, part of a nationwide network of Ringing Centres.

Guild grants towards the cost of education

The Guild can provide individuals grants towards the cost of education and training provided by the branches (e.g. use of a simulator) or outside the Guild (e.g. attendance at a nationally advertised course). Contact the Guild Training Officer for details.

The Guild’s Ringer of the Year Award

The Guild makes two annual awards for the ringers who have made the most progress in the art in a year. More information about this can be found here.

Child Protection

All education and training of children and vulnerable adults should always take place in accordance with guidance on child protection.