90th Birthday Peal for Fred Slatford

On 12 August a Peal was rung at North Bradley in honour of local ringer and distinguished Peal ringer himself, Fred Slatford, a Vice President of the Salisbury DG. Fred and his wife and son joined the band before the peal for his 90th birthday later this month.


A message from Fred:

Will you please express my thanks to all the ringers who rang the peal at North Bradley to mark my 90th birthday. I hope they enjoyed the bells, as I enjoyed listening. It brought back a lot of thoughts. My only wish I am not fit enough to take part. My family have been members of the church for some 400 years, ringers for at least 100 years (father, great grandfather and back), sadly I was the last. I did ring 49 peals here over the years many with the Hitchin brothers. Thank you again for your efforts.

Fred with the peal band
Left to right: Robert Perry, Mrs Slatford, Nicki Lang, David Hacker, Fred Slatford, Robert Wellen, Judith Williamson, Julian Ferrar, Julian Hemper and Christopher Jenkins.

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