Bell Restoration

Church bells and their installations are very complex and require great care and attention. Bells are very heavy, some weighing in at over a ton. Their bearings, ropes, clappers and pulleys all require periodical maintenance in order for them to retain their function. A new bell installation, like many older rings, ought to last 100 years, but interim maintenance is essential. It is inevitable that at some stage more specialised maintenance or repairs shall become necessary.

In addition, the towers in which bells are hung and which are often much older than the bells and framework may need repair to allow the bells to continue to be rung.

For this reason the Guild supports and administers a bell restoration fund, named in memory of the long-serving ringer and Guild Officer whose bequest started it, the Llewellyn Edwards Bell Restoration Fund.

See the latest guidance on the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 and in particular how these relate to bell restoration. Guidance is given on matters that may be undertaken without the need for a Faculty (the A List) and matters which may be undertaken without a Faculty subject to the written approval of the archdeacon (the B List) as well as works that require a Faculty.

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