UPDATED – Young Ringers at Brownsea

From Sue Carter (Bradpole):

It was a fantastic day, everyone really happy and the youngsters handled the bells very well considering their weight. (No stays broken!) followed by rounders. It all went like clockwork.

From Hilary Child (Wimborne):

All the young ringers did very well and we haven’t broken any stays! Mostly rounds and call changes but also some plain hunt and bob doubles. A couple of the youngsters also rang some grandsire triples with the adults.  Many portions of fish and chips have been consumed.  As far as I can tell everybody has had a lovely day out.

From Lewis Hurry (young ringer from Beaminster)

The day started off early from Gillingham. The minbus picked up 11 people and then drove to Bere Regis and picked up another six people. From Bere Regis we drove to Poole harbour. Before going to the Brownsea ferry dock some people spent that time going to cafés to get lunch, others spent it walking along the harbour wall and some of us went to help people catch crabs from the sea wall.

When everyone finished lunch, we boarded the ferry to Brownsea. There were 16 of us young ringers and nearly as many helpers so we almost took over the ferry. We arrived on the island and took a slow walk up to Brownsea Church. Some of the young ringers went up and looked at the eight-bell tower. The Tenor is 4 cwt and being about 65cm in height and the Treble being about 30cm in height and only 1 cwt.

Once the bells were raised by the more experienced ringers the rest of the young ringers had a chance to ring rounds and call changes to start with so we could get used to these light bells. The level of experience amongst the young the ringers varied between rounds to Cambridge Surprise. Ringing triples was followed by ringing down and we were supposed to end in Queens though it didn’t go quite as expected!

When we finished ringing down we set up a rounders pitch and split into two teams. The first team that batted got 14 runs and that was helped with some bad fielding but it was fun. The second team got 16 runs, again caused by some bad fielding. Some of the best hits were by me and Edward Fowler. One of my hits was so hard it split the ball in half!

After we finished rounders we went to get the ferry back to the mainland and some of us spent the wait for the ferry buying ice cream. We took the long way back to Poole around the harbour. The journey was a cold journey as well because we had the ‘ocean breeze’ blowing straight onto us. We got back to the mainland and tea from the local chip shop. Some of us started to feed the seagulls and eventually there was a swarm of seagulls.

Once we had all finished tea we got onto the minibus and drove to the next tower, Hampreston. We got to the tower and the bells were already up and we started off by ringing rounds and call changes which I called. Next we rang a touch of Plain Bob doubles again called by me as practice for me to call my first quarter peal for firsts week. For the last ring of the day the Oldies did it with a steady young ringer on the tenor and they rang Stedman and then downwards.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was fun. Thank you Robert for arranging it, and thanks to Christopher for driving us around. And thank you Hilary for running the ringing and Robin for the rounders. And it was nice to meet so many other young ringers. I am looking forward to the next outing.

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