East Dorset Young Ringers at Wareham

East Dorset Young Ringers are joined by others from further afield.

On Saturday 24th February a very successful young ringers’ practice was held at Wareham. We were warmly welcomed by the Tower Captain, Phil Stephens, and the Wareham ringers and everyone enjoyed ringing on these lovely bells. There were 12 younger ringers present, aged 11 to 25, and we were able to ring on 6, 8 and 10 bells; several ringers rang Plain Hunt on 9 for the first time. During the afternoon, 6 of the Ringing World National Youth Competition squad were able to practise Call Changes on 8 – with a couple of others filling in to make up the band. Thanks to Ed and William for travelling from their own branches to join us at this practice.

Hilary Child

Young Ringers Wareham
Young ringers at Wareham. Photo by Jack Pease 24 Feb 2018.

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