Engaging with the Public survey

A message from Sue Hall of the CCCBR Public Relations Committee in response to the Central Council survey on engaging with the public that was conducted last autumn.

Dear Robert,

Here is an update on the ‘Engaging with the Public’ survey and what has been done with your ideas.

Hundreds of ideas were sent in; many were variations of similar ideas, and there were also some fresh and unusual ones. They included:

  • National/global-scale ideas – for the Central Council (CCCBR).
  • Ideas suitable for towers, districts/branches and associations/guilds/societies – put into the Engaging with the Public leaflet.

The finished ‘Engaging with the Public’ leaflet is a ‘mix-and-match’ guide of ideas and tips: to help you do what works best for you locally. It is available to download from the CCCBR website.

Thank you for contributing your ideas to the leaflet, and I hope that you, your tower, district/branch and association/guild/society will find it useful.

With best wishes,

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