UPDATED Guild Striking Competitions – 9 Sept 2017

Please note changes to the rules from last time:
(a)  Up to two teams from each branch may enter the 8 bell
(b) In addition “A team may be entered into either the 6 bell or 8 bell competitions that are comprised of members from two or more branches” – so a team of young ringers from across the Guild or a team in the 8 bell from more than one branch could enter if one branch alone cannot – if you plan to take advantage of this provision please get in contact with me first.
(c)  In the eight bell – you can ring call changes or a set piece (an experiment for this year). The President and I have set the following touch of 168 Grandsire Triples:

Grandsire Triples – 168 Changes

B  752634       1
B  237546       3
B  742365       3
B  267453       3
234567       2

Robert Wellen
Guild Master, Salisbury DG

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