Guild Training Day – 7th April

We will be running a Guild Training Day on Saturday 7th April. There will be six courses run during the day:

  • Plain Bob Doubles – move from a plain course to a touch, to take part in this course you need to capable of ringing a plain course of unaided. Application form and details.
  • Kent and Oxford Treble Bob Minor – the requirements for this course are being able to ring a touch of Plain Bob Minor and the treble to treble bob. Application form and details.
  • Improve your Surprise Major – mainly Yorkshire S. M., as long as you can ring the treble to treble bob and Kent T.B. or Cambridge S. M. on an inside bell you will be welcome. Application form and details.
  • Change Ringing on Handbells – sign up and learn the mysteries of this special art. Application form and details.
  • Simple Conducting – learn to be able to ring something other than a plain course of doubles on Sundays, all you need for this course is to be able to ring the doubles method you wish to conduct. Application form and details.
  • Doubles Variations – move on from plain bob doubles. Students must be able to ring plain bob doubles unaided, the new methods will be in the St. Simon’s group. Application form and details.

The day will be rounded off with a short discussion to assist us in the planning of future training days over a cream tea.

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