Marlborough Branch

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NameBranchStatusBellsTenorPracticeMore infoServiceContact
St Michael
St Nicholas
Marlborough35-0-0Ringing on special occasions only.Correspondent
All Saints
Marlborough59-2-3Tue19:30 – 20:30.10:30Correspondent
Chilton Foliat
St Mary
MarlboroughHung anti-clockwise.59-1-12Mon19.30. Please check first.10:30 by arrangement.Correspondent
Holy Cross
Marlborough613-2-26Mon19:30. Please check first.10:00Correspondent
Collingbourne Ducis
St Andrew A & M
Marlborough611-3-4Mon1st and 3rd. 19:30 - 21:00.As announced by the Team Ministry.Correspondent
Collingbourne Kingston
St Mary
Marlborough619-0-11Mon2nd and 4th. 19:30 - 21:00.As announced by the Team Ministry.Correspondent
East Grafton
St Nicholas
MarlboroughTubular bells.5Correspondent
East Kennett
Christ Church
St Peter
Bells unringable for the time being, pending further notice due to problems with the wheel on the third bell. Church redundant (maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust).
614-3-0Mon5th only. 19:30 – 21:00. Please check first.For major festivals only.Correspondent
Great Bedwyn
St Mary
Marlborough626-0-0Tue19:30. Please check first.By arrangement only.Correspondent
All Saints
MarlboroughHung dead for chiming only.45-0-0None
Little Bedwyn
St Michael
MarlboroughHung in a new frame and fittings during 2014.58-0-27Mon19:30. Please check first.By arrangement only.Branch Secretary
St James
St Mary the Virgin
Marlborough816-2-23Tue19:3009:30. Evening ringing occasionally, times vary.Correspondent
St John the Baptist
Marlborough67-0-26Wed19:30. Please check first.1st and 3rd 09:00. Please check first.Correspondent
Milton Lilbourne
St Peter
Marlborough610-0-0Thu19:30As announced by the Team Ministry.Correspondent
North Tidworth
Holy Trinity
Marlborough69-0-18Please contact correspondent.Correspondent
Ogbourne St Andrew
St Andrew
Marlborough515-0-0By arrangement.Branch Secretary
Ogbourne St George
St George
Marlborough518-2-7Thu19:30. Please check first.1st 10:00, 3rd and 4th 09:30.Correspondent
St John the Baptist
Marlborough612-0-27TueTue or Wed 19:30. Please check first.10:15Correspondent
St George
Marlborough69-1-10Mon19:45 (May – June please check first).09:30Correspondent
Holy Cross
Marlborough616-0-0TueAlternate weeks 18:30 - 19:30. Please check first.09:00Correspondent
St Katherine V and M
Marlborough511-1-18Sun17:00 (not 1st). Please check first.1st 17:00 – 18:00. Please check first.Correspondent
St Michael and All Angels
Marlborough612-0-0Thu19:30As announced by the Team Ministry.Correspondent
Upper Chute
St Nicholas
Marlborough66-1-25Thu19:45. Please check first.10:40. Please check first.Correspondent
West Overton
St Michael and All Angels
MarlboroughNo ringing at present.611-2-0None
Wootton Rivers
St Andrew
Marlborough63-1-17By arrangement only.By arrangement.Correspondent

Allan Keen – 50 years

At the Marlborough Branch Spring Meeting held at Aldbourne on Saturday 17 March, Allan Keen was presented with his Fifty Years Membership certificate (eight years late!) as he will achieve 60 years continuous membership in 2020. Allan was elected a member in January 1960. He remained a member of Aldbourne …

Savernake Rededication

At a parish service of Morning Prayer on Sunday 17 September, the restored ring of five bells at Savernake where re-dedicated to the service of God by the Right Reverend Dr Edward Condry, the Bishop of Ramsbury. The bells were rung before the service by local ringers who were joined …